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Contact Us

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
The Professional Building, Suite 800
127 West Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
Direct Phone: 919-996-4400
Fax: 919-807-8517

Chris Lukasina, Executive Director
Phone:   919-996-4402
Email:    Chris.Lukasina@campo-nc.us

Kenneth Withrow, Senior Transportation Planner
Phone:   919-996-4394
Email:    Kenneth.Withrow@campo-nc.us

Wei Chen, Transportation Engineer
Phone:   919-996-4391
Email:    Wei.Chen@campo-nc.us

Alex Rickard, Transportation Planner
Phone: 919-996-4396
Email: Alex.Rickard@campo-nc.us

Richard L. Epps Sr., Grant Administrator
Phone:   919-996-4392
Email:    Richard.Epps@campo-nc.us

Danna Widmar, LAPP Program Manager
Phone: 919-996-4404
Email:    Danna.Widmar@campo-nc.us

Shelby Powell, Senior Transportation Planner
Phone:   919-996-4393
Email:    Shelby.Powell@campo-nc.us

Gerald Daniel, Transportation Modeling Engineer
Phone:   919-996-4395
Email:    gerald.daniel@campo-nc.us

Amy Ward, GIS Programmer Analyst
Phone: 919-996-4401
Email:    Amy.Ward@campo-nc.us

Robert McCain, Planning Technician (Webmaster)
Phone: 919-996-4397
Email: Robert.McCain@campo-nc.us

Valorie Lockehart, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 919-996-4407
Email: Valorie.Lockehart@campo-nc.us